About Us

Data & Graphs is a higher education analytics consultancy based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We specialize in delivering services that can help turn data into action, and as a result, your institution will see improved outcomes and student success.

Our expertise with higher education analytics is vast.  Some of the hands-on work we’ve done includes:

  • Leveraging SIS and LMS data to assess student risk
  • Working on cross-institutional analytics research collaborations
  • Developing tactical visualizations and dashboards
  • Primary analytics research

Analytics is a broad and vague field.  At Data & Graphs, we work with institutions to get past the hype so we can focus on interventions that promote student success.  We are confident we can help clients navigate the nebulous space of analytics and focus on positive outcomes.


Why Choose Data & Graphs

Hands-On Experience
Focus on Intervention
Human Side of Analytics


Capability and readiness assessments
Data architecture consulting
Research and planning
Dashboard and visualization development

Data & Graphs Blog Roll

The Bastardization of Bloom’s Two Sigma
The Bastardization of Bloom’s Two Sigma
August 13, 2018
I'm really torn over this blog post.  One one hand, it can be an insightful commentary about how the goal of attaining benefits comparable to Bloom's two sigma findings has been a negative c
Data Lessons From a Robotics Tournament
April 11, 2018
I enjoy connecting events in my data & analytics work life with events in my non-work life.  There are often good lessons to be learned there. On the non-work side, I'm a huge fan of
Blackboard + Caliper + AWS = LRS
February 26, 2018
No, this equation isn’t the foundation of the Grand Unified Theory.  It’s just a simple way of getting LMS activity data into a Learner Record Store where it can be analyzed.  Arizona State

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