Obligatory Moneyball Reference

Analytics, Blue Canary
Yes, many folks in the analytics space flock to “The Moneyball Reference”.  It’s a great example of how data analysis seeped into the mainstream using a powerful vehicle known as Brad Pitt.  The usual reference points out that Billy Beane’s analytical approach to players and statistics was counter to the decades-long logic of the established way of thinking.  Furthermore, that logic led to improved success while spending fewer dollars.  Call it the anti-Yankee approach.  As an analyst and a lifelong baseball fan, though, there’s a more nuanced takeaway from Moneyball that I like to reference.  That point is that the Moneyball approach is predicated on knowing the rules of the game.  In baseball, the team with the most runs wins.  Period.  Here’s a (crude) video clip of the scene from…
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