Obligatory Moneyball Reference

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Yes, many folks in the analytics space flock to “The Moneyball Reference”.  It’s a great example of how data analysis seeped into the mainstream using a powerful vehicle known as Brad Pitt.  The usual reference points out that Billy Beane’s analytical approach to players and statistics was counter to the decades-long logic of the established way of thinking.  Furthermore, that logic led to improved success while spending fewer dollars.  Call it the anti-Yankee approach.  As an analyst and a lifelong baseball fan, though, there’s a more nuanced takeaway from Moneyball that I like to reference.  That point is that the Moneyball approach is predicated on knowing the rules of the game.  In baseball, the team with the most runs wins.  Period.  Here’s a (crude) video clip of the scene from…
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Welcome to the Blue Canary blog

Blue Canary
Blue Canary was founded with the goal of helping institutions and businesses unlock the value that is trapped inside of their data.  The goal of this blog is to share thoughts, insights, and techniques that we come across as we work with clients and refine our expertise.  Some of the content might come from work we've done in the past and some might come from current work in the field.  Other times, our blog posts will reflect on the state of the data & analytics space and how it relates to our values as a business.  Our hope is that readers come across our postings and they find that it helps to get them closer to their goals.
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