Three Dimensions of Student Success

Analytics, Engagement, Learning, Progression
I like frameworks.  I like them because they help align conversations.  When folks talk about a topic as amorphous as analytics, a framework helps to get everyone on the same page and have them using the same language. When we talk about analytics in Higher Education, the conversation usually goes something like this: "So, you want to use analytics at your institution.  What do you hope to achieve?" "Well, I want to use data and analytics to help my students succeed." "Got it. What do you mean by 'student success'?" "Well...ummm...I mean that they should...ummm.  I'm not sure." So, here's the framework I use to address this conversation.  It breaks student success down into three orthogonal dimensions: Progression: This is milestone-based success.  Will the student pass this class?  Will the…
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